FT-2000D/E VRF Module - details

FT-2000D/E VRF Module construction details The main reason for the weakness of this design is the use of mechanical components to switch the circuits. Sixteen relays for...

FT-2000D/E VRF Unit photos

FT-2000D/E VRF Unit photos          

FT-2000 VRF Unit - general

FT-2000D/E VRF Unit BR0 14800A (2000-2399) In theory, everything is fine. With correct construction assumptions. In theory. In practice and in real live VRF Unit built into to...

FT-2000 Articles

FT-2000  Articles FT-2000D/E VRF Unit FT-2000D/E VRF Unit details  

FT-2000/FT-2000D Manuals

FT-2000/FT-2000D Manuals FT-2000 OPERATING MANUAL - oryginal 2006 EH025H103 FT-2000D OPERATING MANUAL - 2009 EH025H142 FT-2000 OPERATING MANUAL - 2010...

The story about FT-2000D

The story about FT-2000D                     FT-2000 100 WATT & FT-2000D 200 WATT HF+6 TRANSCEIVERS The FT-2000 and FT-2000D are the 2nd Generation in the...

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