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Why? One of the most important responsibilities a driver takes on with a vehicle is performing regular maintenance. With your BMW, getting regular oil changes is one of the best services you could perform on your vehicle. BMW service center recommends getting an oil change regularly done on your model.
  • Why? Because BMW's are one of the most innovative brands on the road today, you need to give your vehicle to a trusted professional. Every service center has certified BMW technicians who are ready to work on your vehicle and make sure it's ready for the road ahead. Moreover, they offer BMW service specials for those driving in every country. Main concern is having your vehicle healthy so you can look forward to many years driving satisfied in your BMW.
  • Importance of Getting Regular Oil Changes
    Oil plays a crucial role in your vehicle's performance. See how clean, working oil can be extremely beneficial for your BMW!
    Maintains engine lubrication: To keep you in motion, all the parts under the hood need to be lubricated so they can work together. If you are low on oil, then this will lead to them grinding and eventual damage to the internal structure. If you have dirty oil, this can affect the performance of these complex systems.
    Cools engine components: Because the engine components are working hard, the temperature will be rising! With the proper amount of oil, it will prevent friction and over-heating the engine.
    Removes engine wear particles and sludge: One of car oil's jobs is collecting any dirt and grime that collects under the hood from driving around. Eventually, the oil collects too much dirt and oil that it cannot clean it on its own anymore. Routine oil and filter changes will ensure your BMW is healthy at all times.
    Improves gas mileage: Have you noticed you're going to the gas station more frequently, but your driving style hasn't changed? If there is not enough oil lubricating the engine, then it leads to the car working harder, meaning more fuel consumption.
    Promotes vehicle longevity: Plain and simple: routine service equals your vehicle lasting longer. It will allow internal parts to work better, promote your vehicle's fuel economy and power.