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SP5ELA Technical Support Page. Getting Started.

The server

server-hpThis website (SP5ELA Technical Support) and domain are installed on the server* of Warsaw DX Club SP5PBE (in the past - Warsaw University of Technology Radio Club SP5PBE).

Our own standalone server is running under OpenBSD system and Apache and is safe. All connections are encrypted under https/SSL layer. And as always, a rule of thumb is: "the server is as secure as the administrator is trained". And at this moment I would like to express my great appreciation to the club server senior administrator SP5DXM, Zbigniew Kossowski, Msc for his support in the process of the portal system transfer and installation. He is the right man at the right place.

On this web page will be published various materials, not necessarily those that can be found elsewhere. In any case, the author of knowing their own time and technical constraints reserves the right to not necessarily immediate update. A man gotta know his own limitations.

SP5ELA Internet portal for some time will be moved to another server using possessed the shorter the domain "" The target domain is "Done".

73 for now and see you later! Maybe on the airwaves.


 * Server project -

The portal

The new SP5ELA portal was launched in 2015 as a result of a follow-technological progress. There was a devaluation of the good old standard HTML. Currently, there was the era of mobile technology. My old portal with HTML and frames technology was left for some time. The material will be gradually transferred to the new platform. In connection with the positions in organizations associated with amateur radio in Poland, I have a pretty serious time constraint.

The SP5ELA Technical Support site content

The content of this website is almost entirely dedicated to the hobby called Ham Radio. An important element of this hobby is radio communication equipment. On the portal are presented some examples of equipment, mainly from Yaesu. Also selected analysis and performance testing of these devices. The author is not only a fan of Yaesu. In his Ham Radio career author used the devices from different companies. They were transceivers, amplifiers and other devices from companies such as Collins, Drake, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, and Yaesu.

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