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SP5ELA main log on-line

♣New project 2018 beta:

♣New project 2018:

The new log design was created in cooperation with Spike SP9NJ, a capable php programmer. The log has been improved by the ADIF numbering of DXCC entities, country names and country flags. The QSO confirmation columns were also separated into "classic" and LoTW.

♣Old project (2008-2018):

This project is based on scripts written by Richard SQ9MDD. The last version of the log script was dated 2008. I adopted these scripts at the end of 2008 with some modifications to my own needs. In 2017, these scripts were modified again with the participation of Jacek SQ5BPF. 105.3K QSO search time is 4 seconds.

My logs are on two servers - the SP5ELA / SP5PBE standalone club server and the second high-power commercial server. In both cases of on-line logs, the input script data is exported from the logging program (eg. Logger32) in the ADIF standard (text file). My main log contains over 109,000 records and has several dozen Mb. The QSO search time in the log is about 1 second. Good score!

SP5ELA-on-line-log (2008-2021)
SP5ELA-on-line-log-new (2018-2021)
SP5ELA-log-on-line-beta (Oct. 2018-2021)